a happy accident or pleasant
surprise, specifically the accident of finding
something good or useful without looking for it

The story of the Dots and Cubes.

The concept of Cube on Cube was created out of a need. After having moved several times, we missed having furniture that was easy to build and rebuild.
So the Cube on Cube team found themselves playing with the idea of creating their own line with different sized blocks, and a super easy connecting system (dots), allowing you to create your own furniture or decorative object without the use of any tools whatsoever.

Sandra Rijke and Désirée Engelen were inspired by old Chinese civilizations, circles and cubes, abstract architecture and elementary creativity. Our concept of dots and cubes invites you to build, create, dismantle and recreate.
The fun is in creating with others. Cube on Cube is for everyone !
No tools needed : just your imagination ! Start with a table and end up with something completely new !

Cube on Cube is whatever you want it to be.